NEXSTGO announced business alliance with Jasmy
to develop Secure PC business in Asian Region
Aiming for wide-ranging development of PC business
NEXSTGO focuses on bringing experiential technical solutions to modern-day corporate leaders. Today announced its business alliance with Jasmy to promote their business development outside Japan, and NEXSTGO will be the essential partner to promote their Jasmy Secure PC concept mainly in the Asia Pacific region.
In the Asia Pacific region, the demand for PCs that can be used with safe and security is expected to continue to grow significantly in the future, triggering by the expansion of remote working and learning during the pandemic situation. NEXSTGO will allow users to use blockchain provided by Jasmy for PC personal authentication and registration. On the other hand, the sales situation of PCs in Asia, the Middle East and India is different in each country, therefore Jasmy is planning to accelerate overseas expansion by alliance with NEXSTGO, which has already expanded its local business extensively. NEXSTGO and Jasmy will develop hardware together under new business model.
Characteristics of the Jasmy Secure PC concept
1.      Safely monitor and control the data in PC
With distributed technology such as block chain and unique device management technology, improper processing and unauthorized operations of data are monitored and controlled.
2.      Utilize the original capabilities of the PC itself
While thin clients such as remote desktop and VDI use other resources through the network, by allowing to use the resources of the PC itself which users use, performance and comfortable felling of use close to those at work place are achieved.
3.      Balancing between work progress monitoring and privacy securing of each employee
While companies can manage and check the work progress and usage environment of each employee in real time, it is secured and guaranteed for each employee that companies do not check and monitor unnecessary information.
4.      Individual remote control of PC functions
It allows companies to make a working environment where employees can only use functions necessary for their own work during working hours by remotely limiting and safely controlling unnecessary functions for each employee's PC using the block chain’s P2P function and unique device management technology.
5.      Safely check the status of the PC hardware itself
With our unique device management technology and log management function using the block chain, companies can safely check the individual load and wear status of the PC bodies even in a remote working environment.
The collaboration direction between NEXSTGO and Jasmy:
1.      Development and production of models equipped with Jasmy Secure PC concept
2.      Product development under NEXSTGO PC brands, namely AVITA or Jasmy original brand
3.      Selling at sales channels including retailer, e-tailer, direct sales stores, B2B partners and all e-commerce sites of NEXSTGO
4.      Development of new business models such as Daas (Device as a Service)
5.      Development of PCs equipped with new usage methods and services for post-corona era
6.      Development of tablets and IoT devices using Jasmy Platform
7.      Utilizing JasmyCoin in IT and IoT markets
“Our vision is to develop products that brings technology breakthrough to our users and shapes the future abiding to our motto ‘Do What the Giants Can’t,’” explained Alex Chung, NEXSTGO CEO and co-founder. “Since the outbreak of pandemic, we have empowered our notebook with the high quality product application and innovation for video conferencing, e-Learning, work from home solution and iOT products to advocate the future world of smart home living. Today marks the 5th anniversary of NEXSTGO, we will continue to expand our business to more regions around the world. Together we will line up local strategic partners in the region to deliver technology breakthrough in the commercial and business-grade laptops, which are innovative and fit well into the new digital future.